Commit e386e1d4 authored by Finn's avatar Finn

Move ISO and checksum to common

parent ef2cacf2
......@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@ http/user-data:
sed "s#SSH_KEY#$(shell cat" ../common/user-data-template.yaml > http/user-data
image-host/image-host.qcow2: http/user-data
packer build -timestamp-ui image-host.json
packer build -timestamp-ui -var-file ../common/vars.json image-host.json
......@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@
"disk_interface": "virtio",
"headless": true,
"http_directory": "http",
"iso_checksum": "93e7fae5dd69b3f3b5f5eba2301938630c45ae402ef93bde9a9fc72db27f8dd5",
"iso_checksum_type": "sha256",
"iso_url": "",
"iso_checksum": "{{ user `debian_iso_checksum` }}",
"iso_checksum_type": "{{ user `debian_iso_checksum_type` }}",
"iso_url": "{{ user `debian_iso_url` }}",
"disk_image": true,
"shutdown_command": "rm -rf ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && sudo shutdown -P now",
"ssh_username": "debian",
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