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# signald 0.7.0
## New Features
* Ability to list remote safety numbers, control trust thereof. Listing via the `get_identities`, trusting via new `trust` command.
* Ability to create and edit contacts. Use `update_contact` command.
## Developer Tooling
* The CI has been configured to check for updates to all dependencies listed in `build.gradle` and open a merge request when there are updates
## Bug Fixes
* Registration was broken. The immediate problem was addressed in 1ab4f68997b98a189ef3a51f753b6b61d4e55eb5, but the larger problem of there being no tests is still being resolved (see branch `feature/tests`).
* Fixed a compile-time warning about unsafe or unchecked operations in ``.
* Fixed a runtime warning about missing logging libraries.
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# signald 0.8.0
[47 changed files, with 1530 additions and 267 deletions](
## Breaking changes:
* As of [!86](, the data folder has moved from `~/.config/signal` to `~/.config/signald`.
You will need to migrate your data manually, unless you're using the debian package, which should handle this automatically.
## New Features
* Official docker images at `finn/signald` on [Docker Hub](
* Support for receiving [typing start/stop messages]( has been added.
* Support for receiving [read receipt messages]( has been added.
* Support for receiving [configuration messages]( has been added.
* Support for receiving [link previews]( has been added.
## Developer Tooling
* Some automated integration testing on every push.
## Updates/Improvements
* The attachment sending options have been expanded. Flags like height, width and caption can be set on each attached file.
* The available metadata about incoming attachments has been expanded. [See the changes to]( to see all the new properties.
* The `signal-service-java` library has been updated from version 2.8.0 to 2.13.9.
* Additional documentation has been added in the `docs/` folder.
* [Untrusted identity errors](, [user not registered errors](, [network failures]( will now be reported to the client when sending fails.
* More properties of [sync messages]( are now available.
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# signald 0.8.1
A patch release to fix [a bug in message expiration handling](
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# signald 0.9.0
*not yet released*
[see all code changes here](
Big thanks to those who contributed to this release by filing issues and merge requests:
* [@aguestuser](
* [@hoehermann](
* [@Strykar](
* [@bonfus](
* [@ekpneo](
And thanks to `demure` on [IRC]( for testing.
## New Features
* Read receipts can now be sent. Thanks to [@ekpneo](, who contributed this
in [!10](
* Support for [setting a users profile name and reading profile names of others](
has been added.
* Support for [registration captchas]( has been added,
although feedback on it has thus far been minimal. If you are unable to register without a captcha, please try to register
with a captcha ([instructions here]( and respond to [#8](
letting us know how it went.
* [Stickers can now be received](
* Support for receiving the [full range of sync messages](
(sent from other devices on the account) available in this version of libsignal:
* [StickerPackOperations can now be received](
These are commands from other linked devices on the same account to do things like add or remove sticker packs.
* [SentTranscriptMessages](
can now be received. This appears to be how Signal clients indicate to other devices that they have sent a message now.
* [View once views](
can now be received, indicating that the user has viewed view-once media on a different client.
* [Verification sync messages](
can now be received, indicating that the user has changed the verification status of another user's key.
## Improvements
* A spelling mistake in the systemd unit file was fixed. Thanks to [@Strykar](, who contributed this change in
* The username of the account receiving the message is now included in untrusted identity errors.
Thanks to [@aguestuser](, who contributed this change in [!8](
* Assorted code cleanup caused by use of an actual Java IDE, including updated copyright year on all Java files.
* If the socket file exists when signald is started, it will attempt to delete it so it can create it's own.
This is a workaround to a common annoyance.
* Attempting to `subscribe` to nonexistent accounts will now throw an error (see [#16](
Thanks to [@hoehermann]( for filing that issue.
* Fixed a bug ([#20]( where messages were received after the client unsubscribed.
* Fixed a bug in [how sealed sender messages are decrypted]( Thanks to `demure` on IRC for finding this bug and helping test fixes.
* Trying to get better about release notes. Feedback on this format appreciated.
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