Commit 58b72257 authored by Finn Herzfeld's avatar Finn Herzfeld 🌵

Rename some poorly named fields in JsonUntrustedIdentityException

sorry for breaking the API
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......@@ -23,34 +23,34 @@ import org.whispersystems.libsignal.IdentityKey;
import org.whispersystems.libsignal.UntrustedIdentityException;
import org.whispersystems.signalservice.api.push.SignalServiceAddress;
class JsonUntrustedIdentityException {
// address is the local account
public JsonAddress address;
// number is the remote account
public JsonAddress number;
// fingerprint is the legacy fingerprint of the untrusted identity
class JsonUntrustedIdentityException {
public JsonAddress local_address;
public JsonAddress remote_address;
public String fingerprint;
// safety_number is the safety number between the local identity and the new remote identity
public String safety_number;
public JsonRequest request;
JsonUntrustedIdentityException(IdentityKey key, SignalServiceAddress address, Manager m, JsonRequest request) {
this.address = new JsonAddress(m.getOwnAddress());
this.number = new JsonAddress(address);
this.local_address = new JsonAddress(m.getOwnAddress());
this.remote_address = new JsonAddress(address);
this.fingerprint = Hex.toStringCondensed(key.getPublicKey().serialize());
this.safety_number = SafetyNumberHelper.computeSafetyNumber(m.getOwnAddress(), m.getIdentity(), this.address.getSignalServiceAddress(), key);
this.safety_number = SafetyNumberHelper.computeSafetyNumber(m.getOwnAddress(), m.getIdentity(), this.remote_address.getSignalServiceAddress(), key);
this.request = request;
public JsonUntrustedIdentityException(UntrustedIdentityException exception, String username) {
this.address = new JsonAddress(username);
this.number = new JsonAddress(exception.getName());
this.local_address = new JsonAddress(username);
this.remote_address = new JsonAddress(exception.getName());
this.fingerprint = Hex.toStringCondensed(exception.getUntrustedIdentity().getPublicKey().serialize());
// TODO: compute the safety_number
try {
Manager m = Manager.get(username);
this.local_address = new JsonAddress(m.getOwnAddress());
this.safety_number = SafetyNumberHelper.computeSafetyNumber(m.getOwnAddress(), m.getIdentity(), this.remote_address.getSignalServiceAddress(), exception.getUntrustedIdentity());
} catch (IOException | NoSuchAccountException e) {
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