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      Fix sending typing messages to groups · 1c7a4344
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      make ServerCDN fields public · 0ecaefe1
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      server is now a per-account property. · abe585d6
      Finn authored
      Servers are tracked in the db and can be manipulated by clients. Two
      servers are pre-populated: Signal's production and staging. You can
      add your own with the new add_server request type. The server may
      be specified by UUID when linking or registering. If not specified
      the default will be used. Default is configurable at build time, if
      unchanged Signal's production servers will be uesd.
      fixes #188
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      Implement subscribe and unsubscribe v1 · 15304bda
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      Refactors how the client connection loop works to remove dependence
      on the legacy socket handler. In testing, existing functionality
      seems mostly unaffected. Open an issue if I broke you.
      the MessageReceiver's subscribe() method now takes a MessageEncoder
      as well as an account name and socket. The MessageEncoder encodes
      messages and write's them to the socket. Although the two currently
      implemented MessageEncoders produce JSON, the interface provides
      them raw socket access so other things could be used in the future
      (like protobufs see #107). The v0 implementation mostly uses existing
      code, although some of it had to be duplicated into clientprotocol/v0
      to eliminate cross version referencing in the incoming protocol.
      The v1 subscribe protocol similar to the v0 protocol, but not identical.
      The wrapper format has been changed to the structure described in
      the v1 type ClientMessageWrapper. Values are identified by their
      version and type name. Errors are reported in the same structure,
      but have a boolean field to indicate they are an error.
      There have been some changes to the errors in the v1 protocol in
      preperation for adding them to the protocol document (#149)
      Now that all v0 functionality is availabe in v1, v0 requests are
      deprecated. v0 support will remain in signald releases through the
      end of 2021, after which they will be removed when I get around to
      it. This information is encoded in an annotation now, which is added
      to the protocol document under the "removal_date" field.
      All of these changes have resulted in a lot of new files, many of which
      are nearly identical to existing files duplicated to reduce parts
      of the versioned client protocol that can't easily be changed in
      one version without changing it in the other(s).
      closes #88
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