signald 0.9.0

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Big thanks to those who contributed to this release by filing issues and merge requests:

And thanks to demure on IRC for testing.

New Features


  • A spelling mistake in the systemd unit file was fixed. Thanks to @Strykar, who contributed this change in !7.
  • The username of the account receiving the message is now included in untrusted identity errors. Thanks to @aguestuser, who contributed this change in !8.
  • Assorted code cleanup caused by use of an actual Java IDE, including updated copyright year on all Java files.
  • If the socket file exists when signald is started, it will attempt to delete it so it can create it's own. This is a workaround to a common annoyance.
  • Attempting to subscribe to nonexistent accounts will now throw an error (see #16). Thanks to @hoehermann for filing that issue.
  • Fixed a bug (#20) where messages were received after the client unsubscribed.
  • Fixed a bug in how sealed sender messages are decrypted. Thanks to demure on IRC for finding this bug and helping test fixes.
  • Trying to get better about release notes. Feedback on this format appreciated.